What should I (my pet) bring?

Please bring anything you feel that your pet needs. We have one regular boarder who has her own suitcase on wheels! The most common items are favorite toys, treats, and bones. Some bring pet beds but please note that your pet will spend a significant amount of time outdoors and although we always try to send pets and belongings home clean – mud and grass can stain. We feed Science diet adult maintenance food but you are welcome to bring your own. Common problem: People will “feel bad” about going to the beach while leaving their pet and will go buy a bunch of canned food or treats that the pet is not accustomed to and they get digestive upset while here. So please keep on regular diet!

I feel so guilty. Won’t my pet be bored all day?

On a regular week, our staff is here for 10 hours a day. Most pets don’t get 10 hours of attention at home. They usually are very worn out between 3 walks or more per day plus playtimes and / or swimming. We are also a full service Veterinary Clinic (SEE OUR WEBSITE). Most nights, Veterinarians and staff are here very late. There is always something going on. We keep them busy! If your pet experiences some difficulty be assured that our staff will find a way to make your pets stay happy.

Could my dog get sick, or what if my dog gets sick while I’m away?

We are a full service Veterinary Clinic so conveniently our staff are all medically trained and can alert the Veterinarians of any concerns immediately. This is a huge benefit to our boarders who are advanced in age or have special needs, and is our advantage over a large number of boarding facility.

What if my dog is on meds?

We’re a Veterinary Clinic that boards so your dog or cat will automatically go into “rounds” where the Veterinary technician will oversee administration of meds. If your pet has very specific needs, just ask our staff so that we can better accommodate your special requests.

Can I pick up / Drop off on weekends?